Android FAQ

How do I add a profile photo?
  • You can not do it on the Android application today.  You will need to go the web browser and to  Login and then click on the settings button.  You will click on the edit profile picture.
    **Photo will be compressed to please upload a photo 200kb or smaller.

How do I check in?
  • Load up your Wimbim app on your device, click "Places" and then select the place where you currently are from the Places tab. If you don't see the place listed, search for the place by partial name (to guarantee best search results), and click the big button to check in.
Why do I have to keep refreshing before the app locates nearby venues?
  • We're using whatever WiFi/GPS location the Android platform is giving us. It may take the system several attempts to connect to a network that positions you better to your real location, or to GPS. Connecting to GPS can take a long time, so repeatedly refreshing the places tab reflects the fact that the geolocation hardware has limitations and is not always accurate.

Why can't I see my friends' pictures?
  • Make sure you have the most recent Android for Wimbim! Try uninstalling and reinstalling your Wimbim app.

Why can't my foursquare for Android app locate me?
  • Make sure you have either GPS or network location finding enabled in your system settings. You can check this by going to your home screen, then hitting the menu key. Choose 'settings'. Go to 'location & security'. Make sure either 'use wireless networks' or 'use GPS satellites' are on. You can use both, and the app will try to use the more accurate of the two. 
  •  If GPS is on, you'll have a better chance of getting a lock if you're outside. You'll know when GPS has a lock because the little GPS icon on your status bar will stop flashing. If it's flashing, then Wimbim will use network locations, which may be less accurate. 
  • If your location seems really far off, try opening google maps to see if you're getting a better position. If you are, then it's our fault (we're always working on ways to improve this). If google maps is reporting an inaccurate position too, you may be in an area that's difficult for the phone's hardware to work with. 
  • In the Wimbim app, you can turn off smart geolocation caching to try to improve your location fix. In the Wimbim app, hit the me key, then choose 'settings'. From the settings screen, turn 'geolocation caching' off. This will force the app to get a fresh geolocation every time you refresh the Places tab. Go back to the Places tab, then refresh. See if you're getting a better fix now. 

Why is Wimbim having trouble locating me?
  • Check your preferences to see if you have "Geolocation Caching" turned on (with a green check mark). Make sure to turn this setting off to get more accurate location results. If you're still having trouble, make sure you have a good data connection and try quitting the app and reloading. You should also make sure that you have the most recent version of the Wimbim app.

What does "Wimbim server request timed out" mean?
  • It means that your phone is having trouble connecting to the Wimbim server. This could happen because of bad cell reception on your phone, or a hiccup on the server. Try closing the app and restarting it or changing your location in a venue.

What does "network unavailable" mean?
  • This means that your phone is not connected to your carrier or a wifi network.

Where can I find general FAQs?
Click Here to find more General FAQs.

How do I add/find friends on my Android app?
  • Click on the "me" tab on the top of the application.  On the "me" tab, click on the friends tab and then on the find friends tab.

Where can I download the foursquare for Android app?
  • You can download the application at the Android market place.